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What’s Usually Included In On-site IT Services?

Many businesses looking to optimize their IT services will have someone come out and work on-site. This can often be a technical support or help desk agent who’s there because of problems with an email server, for example. While they are on-site, the following might happen:

The service provider will first check if there are any physical changes that need to be made, such as moving around cables or closing off unnecessary ports. If there are any settings that need to change within your network, then they will do these too.

They may also want to collect information about all of the devices connected to your network in order to troubleshoot connectivity problems. They may also install new equipment like routers or switches. It’s also likely that the service provider will want to test your internet connection and see how it works.

What Are The Benefits Of On-site IT Services?

The benefits of on-site support are that you don’t have to schedule an appointment as such as they can just be there when needed. Also, if any new equipment is required then it can be installed on location without the need to send out a technician later. This often saves time and money for whoever is receiving the services. Other benefits of on-site services include:

Faster fault identification – Your help desk will be able to identify and troubleshoot hardware and software problems quickly, saving professional time and your company thousands of dollars in lost productivity.

Better security – Help desk agents use your computer’s screen and camera to see what you’re doing and fix the problem, which means that hackers and malware can’t use a remote computer to access your network.

Better results – Having an expert help desk agent on site guarantees that whatever needs fixing is fixed correctly. You can also ask personal questions or receive advice that might not be covered in-house. Easier accessibility for staff – For businesses with multiple locations, having someone come out to each location is much more efficient than hiring different technicians who need to travel between sites.


How Much Does On-site IT Services Cost?

On average, on-site IT services cost upwards of $100 per hour. This can vary according to location, demand and the time that needs to be taken up with the service. Most on-site services are billed in 15 minute increments or by half days. Most on-site technicians come at least twice a week so there is plenty of value for businesses who need them regularly. The hourly rate would only apply during more intensive work periods. For example, setting up a wireless network might take an hour, but it might be two hours before the IT professional moves onto another job site. Proactive support plans usually include more regular visits which result in lower costs per visit. If you’re an IT pro looking for a pro-level support plan, you might be interested in our consulting services.

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