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What To Consider When Choosing A Network Management Service Provider

In today’s day and age, many organizations are realizing that maintaining a secure network is not something they can handle by themselves. They realize the resources needed to effectively maintain their advanced infrastructure in-house could be better used elsewhere.

When making this decision of choosing who will manage your organization’s technology, you’re faced with deciding which provider would best suit all of your needs. How do you determine what company is right for yours?

To help you make a more informed decision, here are a few key characteristics to look for when selecting a managed network services provider:

Have Expertise and Experience with Similar Organizations

Choosing a managed network services provider is a significant undertaking. If you choose the wrong provider, your company could be set back for months. As a result, it is always best to begin by narrowing down the providers who have previously successfully managed networks for organizations similar to your own.

While they do not have to have worked with others in your industry, they should have worked with organizations of a similar size to yours.

Are Focused on Customization and Scalability

When you are looking for a network hosting provider, it is important to make sure that they do not offer cookie cutter solutions. Ask the potential providers about how they handle scalability and if their solution can fit your specific needs as an organization.

Have a Strong Support Process

Many managed network service providers frequently tout their ability to provide 24/7 network support. What they don’t always talk about is what they do to identify and address potential threats before they become a problem.

Top-tier providers understand that disaster prevention is just as important, if not more important, than disaster response. When speaking with potential providers, inquire about their support process and whether they place as much emphasis on prevention as they do on reaction.

Are a Reliable Company

New managed network service providers are constantly emerging. And, while switching to a newer provider can save you money, it also comes with a significant risk. When selecting a provider, it is best to go with one that has a proven track record of dependability.

This not only gives you peace of mind that your network will be properly managed, but because their reputation is at stake, it also ensures that they will do everything in their power to quickly resolve any issues that arise along the way. That is where “Real People… Real Solutions” come into play to assist in resolving a wide range of issues that may arise.

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Provide Favorable Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

When you hire a network management provider, you obviously have expectations for the level of service they will provide. Service level agreements hold the provider you’re working with accountable for maintaining a certain level of service.

To ensure accountability, inquire about what happens if potential providers fail to meet the agreed-upon levels of network performance and availability. At the very least, they should agree to provide you with customer credits when they fall short of your expectations.

Consider You as A Business Partner

The most successful managed network service providers recognize you as a business partner and that the success of both of your organizations is inextricably linked. Too many providers are solely concerned with features, availability, and security. While all of this is important, the majority of these characteristics are shared by all providers.

When you find a managed network services provider who views your company’s success as their own, you can be confident that they will do everything in their power to help you succeed.

Quality over Price

While the cost of managing your network will undoubtedly be a factor, don’t let it be the deciding factor in your decision. Instead, consider the characteristics outlined above, conduct your research, and make your decision based on the provider that is best for your organization. In the long run, this strategy will undoubtedly benefit you the most.

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