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What Services Do IT Companies Usually Provide?

IT support businesses offer a wide range of products and services. How do you know what they are and whether or not you require them? Here’s a rundown of the top five most common items, along with a brief description of each. We hope this has given you a better idea of what you should look for in an IT support firm.


1. Technical/IT support (also known as “help desk”).

General information technology (or “IT”) professionals arrived on the scene when offices first got computers and printers to help maintain, repair, and upgrade systems. Individual offices can now accomplish a great deal without the assistance of others. The majority of people are capable of typing, saving files, and communicating via email on their own. It’s easier than ever to use online or “cloud” software. However, software can freeze; file servers require regular maintenance; and hacker threats are on the rise. This is where your “help desk” enters the picture. When you have a technology problem, you email or call your IT support team, and they come to your rescue.

2. File Servers

File servers are computers that can store all of your office’s data, including emails, PCLaw data, Microsoft Word documents, and any other type of work you do. Offices have traditionally purchased file servers and kept them in their physical offices (usually tucked away in a corner or perhaps a closet with the internet equipment!).

Because of the high cost of traditional file servers, many businesses are switching to a cloud-based environment. Apart from cost savings, the Cloud Office system we offer our clients (and use ourselves) has a number of advantages: it’s fast, secure, and allows you to log in to your entire work computer from any device.

 3. Email

Email is crucial for many of us because it is the foundation of all work communication. Accounts must be kept secure, email data must be stored as needed, software must function properly, and email access must be added or restricted.

 4. Computer Repair

Some IT companies specialize in computer repair, and you can bring your computer to their central office for repair or have a technician dispatched to your office on demand. Other businesses, such as ours, specialize in computer repair for long-term customers. Individual computers have a much longer life with the Cloud Office system we use. We do a lot of behind-the-scenes computer maintenance and repair for our clients remotely from our Toronto office, and we visit their offices for help when needed, to keep computers running even longer.

 5. Cloud Services

The “cloud” refers to the delivery of services over the internet, and it has revolutionized the way many businesses handle IT support. You may be familiar with cloud-based software rather than software that runs on your local computer. Entire file servers and workstations can now be stored in the cloud.

Who owns and manages your company’s cloud? If you run your services on a “public cloud,” it usually means that you rent space from a third-party provider like Microsoft Azure.

A “private cloud” is a system that is only used by one company. We run a private cloud system with servers located in a highly secure Canadian data center. Our clients then have access to their own private cloud space.

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