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What Kinds Of Things Does An On-site IT Service Handle?

This is a hard question to answer because it depends on what you need IT service for, and the size of your company. Each business is unique in some way. But some examples include:

  • Supplying a new computer to an employee that needs one from home, or replacing one that has been damaged at work
  • Fixing broken equipment on site
  • Upgrading or retiring office hardware
  • Running cable behind walls, setting up servers and workstations, troubleshooting internet connectivity problems
  • Managing server backups and working with vendors on email renewal plans
  • Installing software programs onto computers or mobile devices      
  • Updating operating systems on servers and desktop machines       
  • Providing application support through self-help portals       
  • Installing anti-virus software on individual machines       
  • Making sure all current licenses are up to date
  • Monitoring network activity for security breaches
  • Troubleshooting any issues that come up with the above functions    
  • Providing remote support for common help desk requests    
  • Administering new employee installation procedures with HR, including phone configuration and email setup  Providing quick response/turnaround time on urgent computer needs (i.e., an employee has left their laptop in a taxi or at home)
  • Resolving virus infections on multiple computers across the organization
  • Streamlining IT management by providing proactive maintenance through scheduled updates, auditing disk space usage, configuring email auto-archiving rules
  • Identifying business trends based on hardware usage
  • Quoting costs for upgrades of current equipment, or the purchase of new machines        
  • Sourcing quotes from vendors for desktop/laptop computers, monitors, backup drives, printers, projectors
  • Providing bare-bones IT service through system monitoring only (no active interference unless there’s an issue)    
  • Ensuring internet connectivity is working properly  Monitoring computer health and disk space usage. Performing backups where appropriate
  • Resolving virus infections on individual machines only (not across the entire organization)
  • Identifying trends in computer activity

These are all typical requests fielded by most organizations with an internal IT department. As you can see it spans almost every aspect of running a business computer network. The best strategy is to find a single IT company that can handle everything for you, with the most cost-effective plan.

The biggest reason why companies have an internal IT department is because it saves money.  When there are multiple vendors involved in your infrastructure you lose bargaining power. When one department wants more RAM, another department says ‘no’ because they want faster printers- which will require new hardware and printers. Your business should not be bogged down by these issues, which is why outsourcing does indeed make sense! You’re investing money into something that helps grow your company; you should not be spending time doing work that gets in the way of your primary goals.

Employee productivity is what matters most at any organization; without it there will be no revenue or business growth.  You want to ensure that you are hiring the best talent for your company, and that they have access to current technologies so they can do their job well.

What Are Some Signs That I Might Need One Type of IT Service More Than Another?

Some signs that you might need one type of IT service more than another are as follows: You have poor on-site connectivity or your internet connection is faulty. Your onsite computer network is very large with too many servers and workstations for onsite technicians to handle quickly. You are physically located far away from the city where most local computer techs reside, so offsite services may be a better choice. You have unreliable employees who steal company equipment or abuse their security access privileges while accessing the network remotely after hours without permission (on premise only). Most remote employees under business travel constantly and can rarely if ever be reached onsite at the office, so offsite support may be a better choice. You do not have an ethernet cable near your desk or it’s constantly unplugged for one reason or another (on premise only). Your wireless connectivity is not strong enough to fully resolve issues over remote desktop software (on premise only).

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