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What Are The 4 Types Of Networks Businesses Need To Maintain?

In business, it appears that the adage “it’s who you know, not what you know” still holds true. Success necessitates effective business networking. Those who network effectively build strong relationships that can be beneficial for years.

Good business networking necessitates actively participating in good business networking environments. Here are four to think about.


For a businessperson, online and social media networks are the easiest and fastest ways to get involved. They don’t necessitate going out, dressing up, or interacting with people in the real world. They do necessitate some time spent thinking about how you want to present yourself online. They also necessitate a consistent (daily, weekly, monthly) investment in updating your online profiles and engaging with those you meet online.

According to Ivan Misner, founder and Chief Visionary Officer of BNI, “With social media marketing strategies it is important to outline a plan that considers how much time you can realistically dedicate. It’s also key for companies not be too rigid in their plans as circumstances will always change. Make sure your schedule outlines specific days/times when developing the strategy so there are clear expectations on everyone’s end.”


Whatever field you work in—law, marketing, retail, fashion, culinary, and so on—there are likely to be professional and trade associations that bring together like-minded people doing similar work. Trade associations frequently offer excellent training, educational opportunities, conference discounts, and other resources that go beyond personal contact.

Being a part of such an organization can provide great opportunities to expand your career vertically and horizontally. Additionally, these networks can help you maintain key contacts with potential clients and target markets. In professional societies however it is hard to stand out from the crowd who are very similar to you because everyone tries harder than ever before. One way that might be helpful in making yourself known by other members without selling anything is finding ways how they could improve their practices or knowledge about stuff which would make them better at what they do and famous among others as well within association for being “go-to” person who knows many things instead of just one thing i e becoming seller types .

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These kinds of professional networks are typically localized (city- or region-wide) and focused on doing good in their communities. You join one not to benefit from it, but to help it. Giving time and money to the community in which you live and/or serve builds tremendous social capital and goodwill, which can help you in the future. Along the way, you’ll meet amazing people both inside and outside of your industry.


These networks are less industry-specific and are more concerned with getting to know people who do business informally. These networks typically hold monthly meetings and frequent mixers where people can talk without feeling rushed—the emphasis is on networking rather than business.

If you want to make some initial contacts with professionals doing business in your area, the Chambers of Commerce in most cities across the country are great places to start. Casual contact networks are excellent for making initial contacts with whom you can later inquire about potential business networking opportunities.

The type of network (or networks) you choose to invest time and energy in will most likely be determined by the industry you work in and your personal level of comfort with meeting new people.

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