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What 3 Things Are Vital For Network Management To Include?

When it comes to network management, there are three essential things that must be considered: network architecture and design; monitoring systems in place; and the security of the infrastructure being managed. Without all three components in place to form a proper network management system, problems will continue to arise for companies large and small.

Each component is critical to running a successful business. A disjointed or incomplete network management system, where each component does not work properly together, can result in external threats as well as internal dangers due to failed communication.

1. Network Architecture And Design

The first thing that needs to go into good network management is having a thorough understanding of how an IT team wants its current or future networks laid out. This includes knowing what equipment is in use and how the pieces are interconnected.

A key part of understanding network architecture and design is realizing that there is no ‘perfect’ blueprint for this. Every organization’s needs will be different, which means that each network must be built with its various needs in mind.

2. Monitoring Systems In Place

Once a company has a grasp on how it wants its network laid out, the second crucial part of good network management requires having proper monitoring systems in place to keep track of change in real-time, 24x7x365. Monitor changes immediately: A mistake made early can snowball into an even bigger problem if left untreated.   The ability to spot problems quickly allows IT teams to catch them before they grow out of control and become major headaches.

3. Security Of Infrastructure

Last but not least, the final component of good network management is security for the company in question. This begins with proper planning to keep assets safe from external threats such as malware or hackers. It also includes having a plan in place to protect against internal dangers such as virus-spreading employees and disgruntled employees deleting critical files before leaving for another job .

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How does a network management system do its job?

The system manages network devices such as switches, routers, access points, and wireless controllers. It typically collects data from network elements via a centralized server. The server can be on-premises, in a private data center, or in the cloud.

Devices, clients, and applications on the network can send data to the server with status updates. Network administrators can monitor network operations by logging in to the server, which is usually done via a web browser or a smartphone app.

How do network elements communicate with the system?

Routers and switches, as well as network endpoints such as computers, smartphones, cameras, machines, and sensors, typically send data to the system in one of two ways:

  • Since the early 1990s, the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) has been the de facto network management protocol. It is widely supported by the majority of network element manufacturers. The network management system “polls” each network element using SNMP. Each element then responds to the system.

  • Telemetry is the automatic transmission of key performance indicators in real time via a software agent installed in a network element. Telemetry is rapidly replacing SNMP because it is more efficient, can generate a greater number of data points, and is more scalable. And telemetry standards like NETCONF/YANG are gaining traction as ways to provide multi-vendor support like SNMP.

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