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The Ruth Bancroft Garden & Nursery is a world-renowned 3.5-acre garden, housing an incredible collection of succulents, both unique and beloved, as well as drought-tolerant plants from around the world. The Garden’s founder, Ruth Bancroft, lived to be 109 and was a pioneer in drought-tolerant gardening. The Garden is open to the public year round and showcases fabulous blooms during every season while highlighting plant structure and texture with robust plantings. The grounds are also home to The Children’s Garden which features educational displays for children about how plants grow before they can walk on their own!

It is a place of serenity and beauty. It’s nestled in the hills of Walnut Creek, California, and offers visitors an escape from today’s hectic world. The garden is full of flowers that bloom year-round, cascading waterfalls, as well as a variety of birds and animals to provide hours of entertainment for visitors.

The company has been providing plants for gardens nationwide since 1935. Visitors can take home their own souvenir plant or purchase one to give as a gift after enjoying the lovely sights and sounds that fill this beautiful garden destination. 

It is great for people to explore the diverse plant life of California. Whether you’re just looking to get outside and enjoy nature, or are interested in learning more about how plants grow in our local ecosystem, the garden has something for everyone. The nursery features over 100 different varieties of trees and shrubs that are perfect for planting around your home or office space! 

They also host workshops throughout the year where experts from all walks of life come together to share their knowledge with others who want to learn. From cooking demonstrations by chefs who use seasonal produce as ingredients to lectures on sustainability practices, there’s never been a better time than now to visit this.

The Ruth Bancroft Garden is a mecca for gardeners and plant enthusiasts. If you’re looking to explore the beauty of plants from deserts and Mediterranean climates, as well as learn about how drought-tolerant plants can be used in your own home or landscape, this is the place for you! Visiting an extensive collection of these beautiful plants will give you new ideas on which ones are best suited to your climate zone. You’ll not only see all sorts of different types growing there but also get to meet some experts who work at the Garden at various times throughout the day. Be sure to spend time inside too—the awe that awaits within will make it worth every minute!

Walnut Creek, California is blessed to have some of the area’s most beautiful and fun playgrounds for kids.  Here’s a short list of our favorites:

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  • Pixieland Amusement Park
  • Briones Regional Park
  • Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve 
  • Mount Diablo State Park
  • Port Chicago Naval Magazine National Memorial
  • Diablo Foothills Regional Park
  • Shell Ridge Open Space  

All of these wonderful attractions are located just a short distance from our location located at 1261 Locust St #20 in Walnut Creek! Stop by for a visit anytime!