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Network Management Essentials; Explained For Non-Techies

Network Administration

Network administration entails keeping track of network resources such as switches, routers, and servers. It also includes software updates and performance monitoring.

Network Operation

The goal of network operation is to ensure that the network works properly. Monitoring network activity and proactively identifying and resolving issues are examples of network operation tasks.

Network Maintenance

Network maintenance entails upgrading and repairing network resources. It also includes proactive and remediation activities carried out in collaboration with network administrators, such as the replacement of network equipment such as routers and switches.

Network Provisioning

Network provisioning is the process of configuring network resources to support a specific service, such as voice functions or accommodating additional users.

Benefits of Network Management Software

Putting in place a proper network management system can provide system administrators with the tools they need to care for and feed the enterprise network without requiring excessive manual intervention. The goal is to manage the complex network from the data center to the network edge using integrated wired and wireless management capabilities, automated network alerts, and device compatibility across vendors. Different types of network management solutions may not include all of these features, so be selective when evaluating software options that may meet your needs.

Why Your Company Should Consider Network Management Services

Network management services are also worth considering if your internal IT team lacks the bandwidth to keep your network secure and efficient. Delivering stable network management at consistent service levels is a critical undertaking as complexity grows and cost-conscious IT departments strive for high infrastructure performance, availability, and security on a shoestring budget. If you have limited IT resources, you should direct them toward initiatives that improve your bottom line.

Also, don’t forget that downtime is very costly. Is it worth your IT investments to go it alone? If you don’t have the internal resources to operate network management software, the risk of downtime looms.

Network management vs. network automation

Network automation is an evolution of network management, just as automation is an evolution of management.

The distinction between network management and network automation is based on the (extremely subjective) distinctions between management and automation. Because seamless automation does not exist, there is no objective point at which management becomes automated. At some point, the amount of human effort required to manage a set of tasks becomes significantly less than it was previously. When this occurs, what was once referred to as management may now be referred to as automation.

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Why Is Network Management so Important When It Comes to Network Infrastructure?

The whole point of IT network management is to keep the network infrastructure and network management system running smoothly and efficiently. Network management helps you:

  • Avoid costly network disruptions
  • Improve IT productivity
  • Improve network security
  • Gain a holistic view of network performance

What Are the Challenges of Maintaining Effective Network Management and Network Infrastructure?

Network infrastructures can be extremely complex. Maintaining effective network management is difficult due to the complexity. User expectations for faster network speeds and network availability have risen as technology and the cloud have advanced. Furthermore, security threats are becoming more sophisticated, diverse, and numerous. And, if you have a large network, it includes a variety of devices, systems, and tools that must all work in unison. As your network grows and your company expands, new potential points of failure emerge. Cost increases are also a factor.

Do You Need a Professional Network Management Team You Can Trust?

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