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Murwood Elementary School is a public school in the small town of Murwood. They are currently accepting students from grades K-6. The current enrollment already represents over 90% of all children living in Murwood, and they will continue to accept applications until there’s capacity at their building.

Their mission statement is “to provide each student with an excellent education that enables them to be lifelong learners.” This can be accomplished through a variety of activities including STEM initiatives, reading programs, and outdoor education programs such as their annual “Walk to School” day held on the first Friday in October where all students walk or bike (in good weather) together as a class.

Murwood Elementary School also has an active music program for all grades, and many of their young musicians are already beginning to play simple songs on instruments such as the recorder, bongos, and piano. The school also encourages students to explore other languages including Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, German, French, and Latin. In place of standardized testing that doesn’t directly contribute to local curriculum goals (which are reviewed yearly), Murwood Elementary holds teacher-developed tests or exams every semester that cover topics learned over the previous two months to monitor student progress more closely. Each grade level also reports student progress with rubrics specific to each subject matter at least twice per year – typically once during parent/teacher conferences and again at the end of the school term.

This has also had a school-wide “Help Desk” that provides every student in grades K-6 with an opportunity to ask questions of trained staff members who can provide help and support, encourage good work habits, develop personal goals and help students become more independent. The Help Desk operates during recess times only so younger students have opportunities to seek assistance throughout the day.

They currently have full-time art teachers who instruct students on a wide array of topics including drawing, painting, clay work, paper mache projects, sewing projects (including soft toys), glass etching/marbling, and much more. They also have a full staff of teachers who are each certified to teach specific grades and subjects.  Every grade level while also overseeing the school’s Good Work Committee (more about that later)

People in Murwood care deeply about education. They see it as one of the best ways for kids to get the tools they need to be successful as adults. 90 percent of all families with kids under five have at least one parent with a college degree or higher. This community understands that strong schools are a necessary foundation for future success. It’s part of the Good Work Code.

They believed that all employers should be good, and worked to make it so by giving adults work they love and empowering youth to prepare for Good Work.

As applied in Murwood Elementary School – is simple: they believe that good schools create communities where kids are prepared for good work, which can be anything from a career to community service or being a parent. When students graduate from a Good School, they have the skills and experience they need to do Good Work anywhere.

Walnut Creek, California is blessed to have some of the area’s most amazing schools. Here’s a shortlist of our favorites:

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All of these wonderful schools are located just a short distance from our location located at 1261 Locust St #20 in Walnut Creek! Stop by for a visit anytime!

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