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You may have heard that computer sales are down. In fact, Computerworld put it rather bluntly in their article PC sales fall off a cliff. Obviously, as a business that sells computers, this headline is a bit startling. On the other hand, as a small business owner supporting other small business owners, this is actually good news. Now may be a great time to give your business the boost that upgraded computers provide.

The primary reason computer sales are down is pretty obvious when you think about it. During the pandemic, many corporations set up employees to work from home and parents had to equip students for distance learning. That was a whole lot of computers purchased recently. Those computers, assuming they were of quality business-grade equipment, are still in good shape. Therefore, those corporations and parents are not in the market for computers.

Small businesses, however, were less likely to purchase new equipment during the pandemic. Many were doing everything they could just to stay in business. Those computers are now almost three years older. Unless they were new when the shutdown began, the standard three- to five-year useful life expectancy is soon to expire.

Why Refresh

We all like new, it’s fun. But “because it’s new” is generally not a sufficient reason to invest in new computer equipment.

On the other hand, if you are out of warranty, if your machine is sluggish, or if you’re running out of storage space, a new computer is worth considering

Business Equipment for Your Business

Business-grade computer equipment uses better materials, such as metal hinges instead of plastic, and is more durable. Additionally, when you buy the best you can today, you extend the time before you need to refresh again. Translation: a new top-of-the-line business computer now means you can stop thinking about it for another five to seven years – saving both time and money! In our experience, business-grade computers provide the lowest cost of ownership even though they may cost a few hundred dollars more initially.

Lastly, new equipment includes upgraded security. Both Cantrell’s Computer Sales & Service and Cantrell’s Information Technologies want your data – your business – secure.

Why Refresh Now

There are several reasons now is a good time for a computer refresh:

  1. Availability
  2. Inflation
  3. Taxes


Because fewer people are currently buying computers, there are computers available to buy. Better yet, computers are on sale! Yes, there are always sales this time of year. However, because computer sales have taken such a big hit, companies are doing more to get you in their door.


Why would inflation be a good reason to buy anything, let alone a computer? Because while there is inflation just about everywhere else, computer companies are trying to increase sales, so they are keeping their prices down. No one can say when inflation will catch up with computers, so now is better than later.


Investing in your business generally feels expensive. However, there may be tax benefits to purchasing computer equipment before the end of the year. Talk to your CPA to find out how much a computer refresh for your business now can save you come filing time.

When All Is Said and Done

If you need computers to do your business, but computers are not your business, deciding when and what to buy can take more time than many have to give. Contact Wade Cantrell at Cantrell’s Computer Sales & Service and we can help you through the computer buying process.