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5 Ways To Protect Your Company Against Cyber Threats

The Internet is a powerful tool that has helped many companies grow and thrive. However, the same technology can be used to undermine your company’s security. In order to protect yourself against cyber threats, you need to be proactive about your safety online. Here are five steps you should take in order to ensure your company’s protection from cyber-attacks:

Reason # 1: Use strong passwords on all of your accounts.

A strong password is an important first step in any security plan. A hacker cannot access your account if they can’t get past the login screen!

Don’t click on links from unknown sources. Malicious hackers often send out fake emails with a link to what appears to be a legitimate website, but instead takes you to another site that contains malware and/or tries to trick you into divulging sensitive information like passwords or credit card numbers. When clicking on links make sure it’s coming from someone reputable who would not want you to visit websites containing malicious code. If there are no indicators of trustworthiness, do not open the link for anything other than research purposes (even then use caution).

  • Strong passwords decrease the chance of your information being hacked
  • Be aware of what links you click on – unreliable sources can lead to malware
  • Unreliable sites are often scams or phishing attempts, and they should be avoided at all costs.

Reason # 2: Make sure you have virus protection installed on all devices with an Internet connection.

Some employees might not be aware of the virus protection you have installed on your devices. If there are any concerns, allow them to use their own devices for work purposes and make a point of educating them about virus protection. It’s also important that these policies are consistently enforced so it can influence behavior among staff members over time

Don’t forget to update virus protection regularly – this ensures that all possible vulnerabilities in new viruses will be protected against and helps keep systems running smoothly without interruptions.

  • Create a healthy work environment by educating them on your virus protection
  • Most employees might not be aware of their company’s device policy and could create serious problems
  • Keep systems running smoothly with quick and simple updates to the system
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Reason # 3: Encrypt sensitive information if it is shared or stored electronically.

Information encryption is a powerful defense against cyberattacks because the data can’t be accessed without permission from the owner. However, even with that protection in place, hackers have other methods of accessing and using confidential company information to their advantage. They may attempt to create fake websites that look like your website (using what’s called “spear phishing”), steal passwords through keylogging malware, hack into email accounts by guessing weak passwords or hacking them outright with social engineering techniques such as phone calls out-of-the blue asking for login details so they can resolve an account issue on behalf of you.

  • Stay one step ahead of malicious hackers with information encryption programs
  • Protect your data from insider threats 
  • Create a secure environment for personal information to be kept confidential 
  • Promote employee safety by not putting their sensitive data at risk of being compromised

Reason # 4: Keep software up-to-date

Hackers will often update their software to the latest version, which includes features like anti-phishing tools. This gives them access to new vulnerabilities and exploits for your system that they can then exploit themselves.

  • Know that your system is always up-to-date
  • No worries about hackers ruining your company with their new exploits
  • Guaranteed protection from attack

Reason # 5: Regularly back up files and store them offline.

This is the best way to ensure that your data will be protected even in a worst-case scenario. If you regularly backup all of your information, then it can’t get lost if hackers invade or when there are system issues like crashes due to mental overloads or software glitches. There’s no reason not to protect yourself!

The problem with this type of protection is that it does require an investment on behalf of the company but they’re going to save time and money in the long run by avoiding secondary expenses from fixing things after hacks occur as well as avoiding paying for somebody else’s mistakes (i.e., another companies’ security breach).

  • Automatic, set-it-and-forget it backups that don’t require any user intervention
  • Safe from data loss due to regular backup
  • More uptime for your devices as a result of not having to fix crashes and system issues after they happen
  • Won’t have to worry about hackers corrupting or deleting files

 The most important thing that you can do to protect your personal information is to use strong passwords on all of your accounts. Make sure you have virus protection installed on all devices with an Internet connection, and encrypt sensitive information if it is shared or stored electronically. Keep software up-to-date, regularly back up files and store them offline for maximum security. If this sounds like something you need help with, contact us!

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